Work Related Stress

See the related blog post here.   Anton sawed savagely at the loaf of bread. "Mayonnaise?" Lobotomy? "Yes," came the reply "But not too much, I'm on a diet." Looked like it must have been a fat, grease and salt-shake diet. "Yes ma'am!" Die in a fire! he heard himself say in a sickly sweet voice. He slashed …



My story, 'Deathday', has been accepted and will be published at Daily Science Fiction. Sign up for their mailing list to receive original science fiction and fantasy stories every weekday, and read my story before everyone else! This post will be updated with a link to the story once it is archived on the Daily …

Dark Steel

My story 'Dark Steel' was published in issue #2 of Comets And Criminals on Dec 29th 2010. This was my first paid publication! The issue can be purchased on the Comets And Criminals site in Kindle, e-pub, and pdf formats, or here at Amazon's Kindle store.


My story, Unconditional, was published at 365Tomorrows on August 6th 2010. This was before I knew how to do proper dialogue tags. "Oh dear! How embarrassing." Said Jonas. Check out the site for some great sci-fi and speculative flash fiction, 365 days a year!

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