Daily writing prompt
What is your career plan?

My career plan is to dig a hole. When all desirable and fulfilling jobs are done by machines and AI, I will dig a hole to prove my worth to a society obsessed with work. I will dig a hole six feet deep and eight feet long and two and a half feet wide, and then the next day I will fill the hole, and the day after I will dig it out again. This will be my ‘job’ when all jobs are done for us, when there is no need for work and all necessities are provided for. It would be nice to simply rest, and enjoy the progress of humanity, to dream and create and love and rest, but unfortunately I’ll be dead before our culture gets over its blind obsession with work and productivity. So to ‘earn my keep’ I’ll dig that hole, and fill it in again, until one day I’m ready to lay down in it.


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