Read faster, write faster

I feel sometimes that Time is shrinking ahead of me. This year has gone by extremely quickly, due in part, I’m sure, to how similar all the days have been, indoors, living online and in my head.

Given the number of books I’ll never read, it’s pretty likely that one of them would have been my favorite book, had I read it.

I feel the need to read faster, but, doing so means I enjoy and absorb what I’m reading less. So then, should I be more careful in my book selections? But, reading indiscriminately is how I have found so many gems I’d never have suspected…

In the same way, I find myself writing so much less because I am so focused on completing certain things before I allow myself to do anything else.

Would it be better to write indiscriminately, whatever comes to mind?

That kind of writing might turn out something like this post.


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