Writing, how does that work?

I’m having a lot of trouble writing lately. The thing is, I just have no headspace for it. First the virus, and lockdowns, and now a million videos of horrible police brutality, constantly, one after the other, everywhere, and finding out disgusting opinions of the people all around me… it’s hard to focus! Very hard! I’m having trouble even reading.

But you know what? At least I’m not having trouble living. The police aren’t murdering me. I still have everything, and more, that I had at the start of the year.

All I have to complain about is a strain on my mental health.

And that is something to be extremely grateful for.

This has never been a political blog, but, we can’t just stop talking about everything that happens to be labeled ‘political.’ Especially in this grand country of America that manages to politicize everything, even wearing a mask during a pandemic.

So, guess what, black lives matter. And if you have trouble saying that, you might want to stop and consider why. It needs to be heard by our black brothers and sisters across the world, because they sure aren’t feeling like their lives matter, and historically, they have been treated like they don’t matter.

So stand up and let them know they do matter. Every voice helps.


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