Thoughts on… Editing [by Jonas David]

An article I wrote for Lucent Dreaming on the editing process 🙂

Lucent Dreaming

There isn’t always a hard line between the writing and the editing process.

We run several versions of a sentence through our head before writing it; immediately after writing it, we may change the sentence again. Almost every time I open my document to do some writing, I’ll see a change I can make to the words I wrote the day before. We all edit constantly.

But when you’ve reached ‘The End’ and have yourself a complete story, that’s when it’s time to give that story a hard look and really take the knife to it. Below are some areas you should focus on when you begin editing.

Weak words

When we’re in the process of splashing out words for a new story, we all find ourselves writing words we don’t need, repeating words, and being hacks in general. I’ve composed a list of ‘filler’ words that I’ve found most…

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