Thoughts on… Dealing with Rejection [by Jonas David]

A post I wrote for Lucent Dreaming on dealing with rejections (I’m a pro at that by now!)

Lucent Dreaming

Every active writer will be rejected many times in their life. Keeping these few things in mind can help make this painful process pass easier.


1. Your story being rejected doesn’t mean it’s a bad story.

It means that the editor of the magazine you submitted it to didn’t like it or they liked it but didn’t think it was the right fit for their magazine. Don’t lose hope. The first thing you should do when you see that rejection email is reread the story. It may have been a few weeks since you submitted it. Now you have fresh eyes, you’ll notice ways to improve it, so improve it then send the story elsewhere! There are hundreds of magazines to choose from, all searching for stories to publish. I don’t think I’ve ever sold a story that was accepted at the first place I submitted. If you don’t…

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