Alternate Worlds: in which past lives are remembered

Reincarnation is not just a nice idea but a simple fact. Upon birth, or perhaps upon a certain date of mental maturity, the brain is flooded with all past lives of the consciousness inhabiting it.

Once reaching that age, the person would be able to enter a special code only they could possibly know, and regain control over their previous estate. Or… as certainly would occur as often as not, choose to start over by pretending to be a new soul.

More people are born than die every day, so new consciousnesses would still be being created, and an old soul could choose to start anew as someone else. Would the ability to do this lead to more and more suicides? Would people give up on life at the slightest trouble, knowing they could just start over again? If enough people started doing this, though, there would be a shortage of bodies to inhabit and people might stop being reborn…


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