Older than I’ve ever been

And now I’m even older…

My birthday was on Friday, and they just keep coming quicker.

One day I’ll wake up and be 50, then another I’ll wake up and be dead.

Just like your birthday, you have a death-day that you pass each year. A future anniversary of your demise. Which day could it be? Any of them.

What if we knew the day, but not what year we would die? If you knew you’d die on January 1st, for example, how would you behave differently on that day? Would you? There would be nothing you could do to prevent it, no matter how safe you were, how careful…

Maybe we’d be more appreciative of those we love and the things we have, on that day each year. Maybe we’d spend it telling our family we love them, in case we don’t get another chance. And the following morning, when we were still alive, we’d be grateful for life and take it for granted a little bit less.

Of course… there would be the problem of everyone being immortal for the other 364 days of their year……


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