Pick something and stick to it

Easier said than done…

This is a blog post aimed at myself. I’m talking to myself, wow, am I okay?

Edit! Or rewrite! Or write a short story! Or start a new novel! Not all of these at once!

Trying to do too many things leads to nothing being done. This has been a constant problem for me in all things, it seems.

Part of why I never went to college is because I never could decide what I wanted to study. I never learned a second language because I could never pick which one would be best. I never finished a novel (until recently) because other ideas always became better and more appealing.

Focus! How do you elude me so!

Once I get started though, I can convince myself to continue. As I have on this crazy daily blogging thing even though half the posts are ad hoc pulled out of the air crap.

Time to pick something and take action!


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