Passengers: tell me why I should bother

There are probably only two people awake on that ship because they used 95% of the budget to pay Lawrence and Pratt.

From where I’m sitting, this looks like a blockbuster written by executives that is masquerading as some kind of cerebral thriller. I find it hard to believe that anything this big and expensive would be allowed to be any good.

It’s a pretty bad state when a sci fi movie that isn’t based on a book or comic or cartoon or brand name and isn’t a remake or reboot–something that appears to be an original story–has me rolling my eyes and sighing. I’ve been cheated so many times by cool trailers with ‘bwaaa’ sounds, that I now have severe trust issues. And the chance of being cheated seems to rise as the cost of the movie rises.

Is this movie going to say anything new or try anything different? Somehow I think not. And no, new things exploding in different places don’t count.

Hope I’m wrong, but not counting on it.


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