Krampus (2015)

I saw this family fun holiday film last week, and had a great time. I wasn’t scared, I wasn’t creeped out really, but it was a surprisingly well crafted movie, and I suspect it will be watched on the holidays by weirdos around the world for years to come.

For whatever reason there have been a surprising amount of Krampus related Christmas movies over the past few years, but this is the first one that is of any quality. When I first saw the trailer I just rolled my eyes thinking ‘oh another one’ and would have never given it a thought if not for the recommendation of the guys at Thanks for pre-screening movies for me, guys!

The story centers around a family at Christmas, and a little boy who loses his Christmas spirit due to his horrible relatives. Then Krampus comes and starts killing everyone.

It’s an old and overdone tale, sure, but this is really fun to watch. The creatures are well done and creative, there is a good amount of humor sprinkled in but not so much as to ruin the dark tone, and Krampus himself looks really great and is not overplayed.

If you’re looking for a ‘Gremlins’ style scary, but safe for the whole family kind of movie, or if you just like weird Christmas movies, then I’d give this one a chance. It will be better than you expect.

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