Word A Day: Antipharmic

Time for another word, lets see what the old dice roll has for us today:


 Definition: Antidotal; alexipharmi

Seems like I get a lot of ‘a’ words. I wonder if there are more ‘a’ words than other words in the English language, maybe something like Benford’s law, but for letters.

This is another truly new word for me, and though I can see the definition means antidotal, such as a cure to poison, it made me think of people who are anti-pharmaceutical, such as people who believe that vacations will kill you, or people who think doctors are evil.

I think no matter how far we advance, or how great education becomes, there will always be conspiracy theorists, and science deniers. Their numbers may shrink, but they’ll always be there.

It is just a part of being human, I think, to want to come up with reasons for the horrible things that happen in life and the world, other than ‘sometimes bad things happen to good people’. Small groups of people deny the holocaust, thinking it was too horrible to be real. A few people think the 9/11 attacks were faked or rigged somehow, because they are just too awful to process. And some people who get sick think that maybe the doctors or the medicine itself is causing the disease, because they need to find some villain other than nature to blame.

These people will always exist, I’m sure, but my hope is that in the future they will have a less harmful effect on the rest of society.

Maybe in the future the most crazy fringe group will be people who think the common cold is spread by the government to keep us down.

Wouldn’t that be nice!


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