The Martian: A Novel, by Andy Weir

An action packed thriller about one man trapped on Mars. I couldn’t put this one down. Mark Watney is part of an expedition to Mars that goes terribly wrong, forcing his crew-mates to leave him behind for dead. What follows is his desperate struggle to stay alive as long as possible until help can arrive.

The science all seemed very realistic and believable to me, though I’m no scientist. The solutions the character comes up with to each problem thrown at him (and they come one after the other), was like he was some MacGyver-like action hero with in depth knowledge of physics and chemistry. And it is great fun.

We don’t have far to go before this book could become a true story, though, and I wonder how the accuracy will hold up.

However realistic it turns out to be, this book has a great combo of page turning thriller and interesting science that makes it a three thumbs up from me. I liked it so much I added it to the reading list for the Nebulas this year.

Check it out!


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