I submitted two stories last night, and after reading them over and moving commas around for hours, I was starting to really dislike both of them.  I started thinking maybe they need more work, and I should hold off on submitting them, and maybe I was right. But, I know me, and I know that I would have just sat on them forever always thinking I could make them better before submitting. It’s the same problem that in my past has kept me from finishing anything;  I’d start to see all the little flaws and just stop writing it. Nothing is ever going to be perfect, and the harder you stare at something the more problems you see with it. The trick for finishing is to just keep writing, even if you start to think it sucks. Finish it and let other people decide. So, I guess the trick is to just keep submitting also, even if you think it sucks, and let other people decide. And then write something else! Which is what I’m going now 🙂


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