365 posts

With this post I have gone 1 full year in a row of posting every day.


And that, is the result.

I’ve had almost double the number of views this year than I had on my last highest year. And I’ve had more LIKES than I had views last year.

And… I don’t see a reason to stop! Though, I admit after passing the one year mark I don’t feel as much pressure to keep it up, but in reality it hasn’t been that difficult at all… so why not?

I’ve also read more books this year than any in recent history, and written more too… probably, though I haven’t kept close track of that.

All in all, a good year for the written and read word!

Thanks to all who read my words, and I hope to read more of yours, too!


Daily posting. Six months and ongoing

I’ve now passed six months in a row of posting every single day. I have had more views this year than I did on any year in the past, and it’s only June… I have more likes this year than the previous 5 years combined… and it’s only June.

Posting every day–just like doing anything you want to be good at, every day— works!

Put your mind to it, and you can do it too.

Are you begging? (72 hour read)

When I’m scrolling through my reader here on WordPress, I often see posts with a little parenthetic in the title like: (2 minute read). I’m trying to put a finger on why I almost never read these posts.

I feel a resistance to click on them at all, when I see those. Unless the title is something very interesting or relevant to me, I won’t click.

It feels almost like a sort of pleading. Please, please read this, it’s so short, it won’t be but a few minutes of your time!

Why should you feel the need to advertise that your post is brief?  This doesn’t say very much about your writing that you feel required to assure me I won’t have to endure it for long…


Consistency works

It happened sometime in the past few weeks, and I only just noticed it now, but:

I have now surpassed the number of views and visitors this year than I had for all of 2016. And I have nearly triple the likes I had in all of 2016. And it’s only April!

That’s what being consistent gets you! Post every day, write every day. Do whatever it is you do, every day and you’ll get better at it, build better habits, and have more success!

Write on!