Daily posting. Six months and ongoing

I’ve now passed six months in a row of posting every single day. I have had more views this year than I did on any year in the past, and it’s only June… I have more likes this year than the previous 5 years combined… and it’s only June.

Posting every day–just like doing anything you want to be good at, every day— works!

Put your mind to it, and you can do it too.

A trial on my nerves

I’ve started reading Franz Kafka’s ‘The Trial’ and just from the beginning am already feeling upset and unsettled. I think this book may not be for me, but I’ll continue for now.

I’ve heard this book described as both a funny satire, and an existential horror story. I’m wondering if this depends on the kind of person reading it. So far, it seems like a horror to me but I can see how it might be found funny.

Being completely helpless inside the giant bureaucratic machine we live in, is pretty horrific, when described this way. I feel my anxiety rising as I go through the story. I hope I can handle it.

Lolita, by Vladimir Nabokov

I am left wondering, about how the world perceives this book. This was not an erotic or romantic read. I can’t think of any point a that I would describe as even slightly arousing. It is the story of a child rapist, who abducts and repeatedly assaults a child over the course of nearly three years.

How does this book have the reputation of being sexy? Of being erotic and romantic? The language is romantic, yes, and some may find the idea of being obsessed over in such a way romantic, but the slightest look beyond these surface details should clearly show the dark interior.

Regardless of the weird way people seem to perceive it, the story was amazing, and concluded perfectly–though not in a way I expected.

In another great case of show don’t tell, the ‘villain’ (from Humbert’s point of view) had me completely stumped, until the reveal–which wasn’t really a reveal at all, but more of a reminder of a couple of the hints and clues.

The ending –spoilers–is great because it is so easy for Clare to confuse and elude Humbert, despite how smart he seems to think he is, and in the end, fittingly, Humbert is reduced to violence–the last refuge of the incompetent.

Lyrical, dark, unsettling, beautiful. I wonder if Nabokov’s other works are this amazing, because if so I want to read all of them.


Multitasking with words

I wish I could write two things at once. But I’m terrible at focusing my attention, and anything that took my mind away from my current novel would have to be very short indeed, or risk me never going back to what I’m doing now…

Should I try flash fiction again? Maybe. I’ve never found it very fulfilling but maybe it will feed some part of my wandering mind and keep me more satisfied.

Perhaps there will be some vignettes posted here in the near future…

Are you begging? (72 hour read)

When I’m scrolling through my reader here on WordPress, I often see posts with a little parenthetic in the title like: (2 minute read). I’m trying to put a finger on why I almost never read these posts.

I feel a resistance to click on them at all, when I see those. Unless the title is something very interesting or relevant to me, I won’t click.

It feels almost like a sort of pleading. Please, please read this, it’s so short, it won’t be but a few minutes of your time!

Why should you feel the need to advertise that your post is brief?  This doesn’t say very much about your writing that you feel required to assure me I won’t have to endure it for long…


Write about what you love?

I started reading IQ84 by Haruki Murakami recently, and one of the characters is a struggling writer. I am enjoying it quite a lot more than the previous Murakami novel I read, though it has a lot of similarities also.

I wonder, though, how many writers write about writers? How many characters in novels are writers themselves? The common advice is to ‘write what you know’, and every writer knows about being a writer…

Reading it though, has made me want to have a writer character. Maybe that character’s character is also a writer, too. How deep could you go before confusing the reader, I wonder..

How would you describe it?

As a writing exercise, I often try to describe random objects or scenes that I see in my daily life. I don’t type them out–just in my mind. But I try to come up with the words to put exactly what I’m looking at right then into someone else’s head. How do I get across that particular color or shape, the specific way the light reflects there, or the exact way that smell made me feel?

Think of it like a daily work-out for your descriptive powers.