Story number 2

Another one written, and I think I will probably send it somewhere, so that makes number 2 for the year, already 1/3 of my goal for the year!

Now if I can just start editing my novel… eek…


First story of the year

Not even out of the first week. A good sign!

Damn it feels good to be a writer.

Creation has been slowed due to all the editing I’ve been doing, so it is a much needed brain flexing to actually work on something new.

Now, back to the grind…

The website is live!

I went ahead and did it, I got myself a website. It is mainly a fancy looking link to my blog (here) and my Amazon author page, but it also has a few stories available to read. I plan to add a new story up there every month or so, too. I think of it as a sort of portfolio of my writing, a way for stories to be seen other than being lost in the endless posts here.

Check it out! 

Facebook? Do… do people use facebook still?

I have an author page on facebook that my posts have been auto posting to, and I pretty much never think about. I figure I better start doing face book related things there, so if you have any interest to follow me on the social media, click below:



SO… I wrote one a couple years ago and it’s been siting in a figurative drawer collecting metaphorical dust since then because I hated it so much I couldn’t bear to look at it.

Well, I read it through recently, and it’s actually not horrible! Strange how cruel our internal editors can be in the moment… So I’m fixing it up and am going to publish it.

I’m working through it now and hopefully it will be ready in a couple months. The working title is Ghost’s Machine, and it’s a sci fi story about a shape-shifting assassin who is hired to kidnap a strange target. I’ll probably post an excerpt from it here in the coming weeks.

Also, I’m planing to release another story on Kindle, this time it will be one of my rare forays into fantasy! Look forward to a sneak peek at that here soon also.

Time for some editing!