It’s out!

My story In the Water, which I posted a preview of a couple weeks ago, is now available on Kindle! Follow the link here. You can get it this weekend, starting tomorrow, for the special price of FREE, Saturday and Sunday only. (regularly .99) Check it out!

week 8 and Europa Report

Finished the story for this week which was about some people who live on an island in the sky, and one ¬†man who believes there are other islands and wants to try to fly to one. Started out feeling pretty good about it, but then it just fell apart. I got to the end but …

A loss of focus.

Felt like writing a quick story, got the prompt to write about 'a magic flower'. I keep losing focus on the story I'm working on.. which itself has been taking focus away from the novel... oh well, enjoy! "And here we have magicus flowericus, the rarest flower on the planet and, of course, the most …

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