Somniloquy ep#5: Tropes!

I haven't posted about my podcast in a while! Why not? I ... don't know! Episode FIVE is now out, I can't believe it's been so many! Check it out here, with special guest Caitlin Coxon!


LD issue #4 and Somniloquy!

Issue four is out! AND we are accepting submissions for issue five, which is our flash fiction issue! Also, our podcast Somniloquy has a new episode coming out this week, and you can currently listen to episodes one and two here! I hope to be posting some more writing of my own soon here as …


I just finished listening to the Serial podcast, and it's left me feeling a bit strange. First of all, when I started listening I thought it was a fiction. I went in, as I often do with books and movies, knowing nothing about the story other than people had said it was good. I thought …