Finally editing

Enough with short stories! I’m finally getting some momentum on editing my longer works and moving toward them being ready to submit somewhere. My optimistic goal is to have both my novel and novella ready to send places before winter is over.

Very optimistic, I know…


A New Year

It’s here, the end of another year. They fly by faster and faster, so fast it seems that soon I wont even notice. I’ll start missing holidays in my distraction, and become one of those old people asking what month it is.

But for now I have my wits, and I have goals! I completed the previous years resolutions to blog about every movie I watched and book I read. This year I plan on continuing that goal, but I also want to blog more thoughts. More interesting things other than brief movie reviews, which seems to be the majority of my posts.

I also achieved my go related resolutions, but I’ve got another blog for that now.

This year I plan, aside from my blog goals, to write and publish two novellas. I am currently working on one, and have an idea for the second. I believe I can complete and release them by this time next year. That is my goal anyway! That would be a great achievement, and would mean I’d have three novellas out next year since… yes, I can do math… I have one coming out soon already!

I’ve decided on a title, I’ve finished up the editing, and I’ve commissioned artwork for the cover!

So. You’ll be seeing that soon, as well as the opening chapter, which I plan to post here soon.

Iapetus Shift, by Jonas David

One more kill, and Olan will have the money he needs to cure his damaged DNA for good–damage caused by his constant shapeshifting. But before he can get out of the business, it all goes wrong and he’s forced to complete one final job–kidnap a super-genius from a secret government facility on Mars, and transport her to a hidden base on Saturn’s moon, Iapetus–by any means necessary.

Well… that’s the teaser I have written so far, I may update it.

Keep an eye out for it soon!



Coming soon

Just finished another pass through on Oasis, the bonus story I’m putting with Queen of Bones. Once I get the okay from my editor, I’ll be able to put them out on Kindle sometime in the next month!

Next up is the novella, which has been sitting on my plate for nearly three years. It’s going to feel really good when I finally get that thing in reading condition.

I’ve been having a hard time writing lately, and have only been doing editing. I think I need to take a step back and write something smaller and more contained. Making things so huge all the time may be holding me back, since I end up  never finishing any of it…

Hope you all  had a nice holiday. Make some big plans for next year!