Some trees and sky

The angle

Things don't always look like what they are... this picture could be an undersea growth, an abstract splatter painting, the shadows of some grasses, or a bare tree and blue sky. It all depends on how you present it, the angle at which you perceive it... I try to keep this in mind when writing. …

Trees look like nervous systems

Naked trees, especially in the fog, make me think of nervous systems. They are kind of creepy looking if you think of it that way. The roots could be nerves too, though we don't see them. Branches are kind of like air-roots. The tree we see above ground is a mirror of the roots below... …

Christmas Cat

Happy Holidays! I hope you are all having a great time with your families and friends and pets. Give the little furballs extra treats and hugs! Pets can detect emotions, so the cheer will spread to them too, if you let it. Don't leave them out in the cold!

Caged light

Something about this light caught my eye. It struck me as so bleak that I stopped for a closer look. I liked this picture at first because of the symmetry, but then I started to imagine all kinds of symbolism, as writers tend to do. A dull sky and a prison-like wall, and a light …

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