Read Iapetus Shift free

Hi friends. I’ve begun publishing my first sci fi novella for free on Wattpad, the first 2 chapters are up and you can read them here:

All the chapters will eventually be posted for free, over the next weeks.

I’d appreciate likes and follows on that site, as I’m fairly new to it. And check out my other stories I’ve been posting there too ūüôā



Be creative

I’ve started Jeff VanderMeer’s new book, Borne, and it is very interesting so far. Although it is YET ANOTHER post apocalyptic story, he is being refreshingly creative with it.

The very first thing we encounter in this destroyed world is not a zombie or a mutant person covered in boils, or a band of scavengers covered in spiky clothes–but a three story tall levitating bear. How does this thing exist? I’m not sure, but I’m very interested to find out.

That newness alone would be almost enough to keep me reading, even if it wasn’t particularly well written.

Newness is a huge appeal. Why do what’s been done and done and done, when you can do literally anything you want? You can come up with anything in that crazy mind of yours, so don’t hold back!

Iapetus Shift release party

It’s here!¬†

After almost 3 years of waiting and working, it’s finally ready to be read. ¬†This is the most satisfied I’ve felt with any of my Amazon published products yet, and I can’t wait to hear what you all think!

Big thanks to Cicero Grade Editing, and to Michelle Juett Silva for the awesome cover art! Follow her @shelldragon.