Kindle catalogue, free!

Today and tomorrow only (saturday and sunday) my entire library on amazon is free for download! Read, rate, and review! Even if it's just a one sentence review, each one is a great help, so please check out the link below and read my things 🙂   Thank you!

Remembering old inspiration

Reading through these stories I wrote years ago, I remember the ideas I had, the inspirations that drove me, and the satisfaction of completing the work. Even just remembering it is some motivation to do it again! No one really likes writing. Having written, though, is where it's at. So keep plowing forward, once you …

In the Water, free for a limited time

Hello! I've decided it's been a while since I had a promotion, so one of my stories is going to be free on Kindle this weekend, starting tomorrow. It's about a crash landing on an alien world, an unknown virus, deep oceans, consciousness, and more! If you are slightly interested, might as well check it …

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