Jonas David Fiction Fridays #2, The Observer

I'm sure you've heard me mentioning this novella several times over the past year. Well, here it is, published and free for you to read and share! I used Smashwords just for the reason that I can make it free there (Amazon won't let things be free all the time) so please download and read …


Read Iapetus Shift free

Hi friends. I've begun publishing my first sci fi novella for free on Wattpad, the first 2 chapters are up and you can read them here: All the chapters will eventually be posted for free, over the next weeks. I'd appreciate likes and follows on that site, as I'm fairly new to it. And …

My books are free again

All my kindle catalog is free for this weekend! Queen of Bones: About a soldier and a sorcerer tracking a murderer through a desert In the Water: About an encounter with an alien that affects consciousness Iapetus Shift: A Science Fiction Novella: About a shape-shifting assassin trying to get out of the business Check them …

Kindle catalogue, free!

Today and tomorrow only (saturday and sunday) my entire library on amazon is free for download! Read, rate, and review! Even if it's just a one sentence review, each one is a great help, so please check out the link below and read my things 🙂   Thank you!

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