how ‘the customer is always right’ culture is ruining our society

Happy May Day! Workers’ rights are important, and are ignored quite a bit in this capitalistic country (one of the few countries that doesn’t have May Day as a day off for workers… quite ironic.)

Here, it seems, even workers treat other workers like crap. And I don’t think it’s necessarily because they are bad people, but because they’ve been trained to be assholes by this ‘customer is always right’ idea.

Imagine going out to eat, and always being given your food free if you complain and yell about it enough. Imagine getting pulled to the front of the line if you scream and make a fuss. Imagine being apologized to profusely and groveled before if you howl and threaten convincingly enough—this is the state of customer service in America. He who screams and yells the loudest is given the quickest, best service.

It’s not hard to imagine this spreading to other, non-consumer areas of society. After being trained for their entire lives that yelling gets you your way, why shouldn’t someone take this strategy home, and yell at their wife or kids? Or at someone online in an argument? Or any other area of life?

We’ve trained people to be assholes by rewarding them for shitty behavior, at the cost of our workers’ sanity. It has to stop!

No one should be given a free meal for yelling and treating the server like shit, they should be thrown out and banned from the restaurant. They should not get to talk to the supervisor before everyone else in line because they started screaming, they should be thrown out and not allowed back in. People need to learn to behave civilly if they want to be helped and served by another human being.

But until we stop worshiping the dollar above all else, no company will change their ‘customer is always right’ policy–which translated, is really ‘the dollar is always right.’

Even more right than the rights of your workers to be treated like a human being.


Alternate worlds: in which food is no fun

In this world, food is not enjoyed, or even thought about. A perfectly balanced combination of nutrients is devised personally for each individual based on their body chemistry, and taken as one might take a vitamin. No one prepares food, or eats together, or eats anything at all other than this daily requirement.

In this world, people would be much healthier, but would they enjoy life as much? Maybe they would find enjoyment in other things. Perhaps, instead of breathing air by rote they would get flavored or scented air, and breath from special bags with different brands, and styles.

Would such a world charge for air instead of food–both necessities for life?

Alternate worlds: in which I didn’t burn my bacon

Incoming, a series of posts about alternate realities that we almost lived in. Or maybe some we never had a chance to live in…

In this alternate world, I didn’t leave the bacon in the oven for nearly an hour and come out with black strips of salty carbon. In this world, I remembered and got up and ate juicy bacon with just the right combo of crispy and chewy.

But then, because of that I didn’t hear the song I’m listening to now, and wasn’t inspired with an idea about alternate universes, and never wrote any of these upcoming posts…