Free this weekend only, my novella!

It's free again starting now! Just the weekend, if you haven't read it grab it now. Please remember to leave a review! šŸ™‚    

Free short stories!

Hi Everyone! Both of my short stories are freeĀ for a limited time! Huzzah! If you have an amazon account, please click here and check them out.Ā Even if you don't end up reading, downloads will help get visibility. And if you do read them and like them, if you can find it in your heart to …

In the Water, free for a limited time

Hello! I've decided it's been a while since I had a promotion, so one of my stories is going to be free on Kindle this weekend, starting tomorrow. It's about a crash landing on an alien world, an unknown virus, deep oceans, consciousness, and more! If you are slightly interested, might as well check it …

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