Proust: Rambling thoughts, or more?

I’ve started listening to my first Proust, and it’s not very engaging. It is interesting though. Mainly I’m thinking “this guy is just going on about inane memories that can have no importance to anyone other than himself, and yet this is a classic.”

I think that goes to show that you really can write about anything, even thousands and thousands of words about the feeling of drinking a cup of tea, and it will be good if you fill it with passion.

I am early in the book, so maybe it pulls together and connects in some overarching way, or to tell some story. But so far it seems very self-indulgent and meandering. I’m still listening, though….

Power causes brain damage

This article explains a lot about current situations in some governments…

I wonder if this could be prevented in anyway… there always has to be some people in power. Though some seem to handle it better than others.

It is depressing that even such a small amount of power has a measurable effect.

If I became a manager, would I become a worse writer for lack of empathy?


Playing at crazy

If someone pretended to be crazy for too long, would they become crazy? The same with anything… to truly pretend, you must get inside the headstate of someone. If you’re there too long, would you get stuck?

I wonder if people like Alex Jones and David Ike and so on, played at it for too long and fell into the abyss…

Split brain

I’ve been listening to Peace on Earth, by Stanislaw Lem and the character has had his right and left brain split. It’s quite interesting so far, and deals with a lot of philosophical questions like ‘is it me inside my head, if i don’t know what it’s thinking?’ So far the plot seems to be that he saw something he shouldn’t have, but only his right brain has the memories (the side of his brain that is his subconscious side, not his conscious side, so he doesn’t have direct access to it.) People seem to want to interrogate that side of him, but are unsure how.

There are real examples of people with their brains split, and images shown to one eye not being perceived by the conscious mind… it’s a strange thing to think about, and I am enjoying this book a lot so far!

Odd people

I’ve been listening to Odd John recently, and the character is so ‘high above’ regular humans that he sees them as friendly animals. Hi arrogance is abbrasive, but his overwhelming curiosity and passion for knowledge makes up for it and makes him a likable character.

How to write terribly smart characters without being terribly smart yourself? Probably by leaving a lot of it up to the imagination of the reader… however, getting the mannerisms and way of speaking/acting etc right, could be difficult.

Maybe it’s enough for the character to be ‘odd’. Different ways of thinking would be reflected in different ways of acting, so getting to know some strange, off-kilter, or even somewhat mad people might be a useful way to write a super smart character…

Sometimes, you can’t tell one from the other…

Birds will inherit the world

After humans are extinct, birds will be the next to conquer the world with their minds. We’ve already seen that ravens and crows can understand death, solve complex puzzles, and remember human faces–now it seems they can plan for the future at least as well as a human child.

What would a world ruled by birds look like? Will they fill all of humanity’s niches after we’ve gone? What kind of tools would birds invent? Will they discover the secrets of the universe a million years from now?

Maybe, if we don’t take them down with us…

Alternate Worlds: in which sleeping you is the real you

When you are asleep, your mind is at its true potential, in full conscious awareness, contemplating higher thoughts and imagining the truth of the universe. While you are ‘awake’ you stumble through life hardly aware of anything but your immediate surroundings, and your ‘sleeping’ self has no time for this you, only even thinking about it if you fail to eat enough, or get injured.

If aliens visited this world, they would only want to talk to humans while they were asleep, since this is when their minds are truly awake.