Brandon Sanderson

I met him! And he signed some books! If I ever make it, sitting and signing books for four hours is not something I’d look forward to o_O


Me with Brandon

Me with Brandon



I’ve made it back home and have already found a job! Next, find an apartment… and of course, start writing again. It’s been a couple months :s

I think I may have burned myself out doing a story per week, focusing on quantity instead of writing things that actually inspired me, or things that are super interesting that I really felt a desire to share. I think if I can find some ideas like that I’ll be back in the writing game in no time. As it is now I’ve still got a few stories floating around at magazines waiting patiently to be rejected, but I haven’t created anything new in months. So, time to break that streak and get to it!

Back Home

This weekend I am going to be packing what I can into my car and driving back to Seattle. I’ve had a fun time here in Colorado, but it’s time to head home to all my friends and family that I’ve missed so much. Not to mention the ever cloudy skies!

I’ve been busy and not a little bit stressed, and also still obsessed with Go, so I haven’t been writing much in the past couple months. But I aim to turn that around! I’ve got some ideas swirling in my head, and the long, quiet drive will be sure to help stir them up even more.

I’ve just been sleeping… waiting…. you haven’t seen the last of me! Look forward to more stories from yours truly in the near future! (near being May, when my story in Fireside comes out!)

2014 Campbellian Anthology

It is now available free for download! With 860,000 words by 111 authors, you’re not likely to read them all, but you’re sure to find something you like. And did I mention it’s free? And that it also contains two of my stories?

Judges for the John W. Campbell Award for Best New Writer will be using this anthology to help them decide who to nominate. If you want to be able to nominate, go here and and purchase at least a “Supporting” membership. This will allow you to also nominate for the Hugo awards.

Get the anthology free here!

A little bragging

My story Three Seconds is on the Tangent Online recommended reading list for 2013!

Check it out, lots of other good reading on there as well.