I am a science fiction writer, a metal connoisseur and a lover of cats.  I’ve lived in the Seattle area all my life,  and so have become accustomed to being indoors typing away on a laptop while rain beats on the window. As i’m typing this I think I’ve been out of the house for twenty minutes in the past two days.

I started writing when I was a teenager in an attempt to copy the style of Douglas Adams, so most of my stories were about talking mattresses or evil crickets or other ridiculous things. I wrote to entertain myself, without a thought for plot or consistency. When I got a bit older Isaac Asimov became my inspiration, but I got so worked up about the plot being just perfect and everything making exact sense, that I never actually finished anything.

Now, as I’m just about to hit thirty, I’m finally beginning to break out of my shell as a writer and actually write things. I can’t promise that these things will be amazing, but I do think that each one will be better than the last. If you’ve read this much, stay and read a bit more! If you enjoy one of my stories, let me know with a comment; if I entertain someone today, then today is a good day :)


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  1. obsidianfactory

     /  June 1, 2012

    Nice bio there dhost :)

  2. I just read “Deathday” on Daily Science Fiction. Nice tale, well-told. It felt like the type of short story that could evolve into something larger. That’s always a good sign. Keep up the good work.


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